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Paris Gay Games Is Coming With Romance And Kinks

The world of porn is going on a trend of glamour and sensuality, for content that pleases both the carnal needs of the fans and the emotional ones. Well, the trend reached the gay gaming world too, and I must admit that before playing a couple of games that are coming with such content, I was sold on the niche. So sold in fact that I convinced the team that we should start an entire site dedicated to gay romance games. And we called it Paris Gay Games, after the world capital of romance. The collection of our site is coming only with games that are basing the action on interesting, lovely and at points dramatic plot lines, filled with character development and twists of situations that will keep you playing. But that doesn’t mean there’s no sex in the action. There’s a lot of it, just as much as plot development. And everything is interactive.

While you get to interact with the characters and the plot line by taking decisions that will influence how the story unravels, the sex gameplay offers a lot of liberty for action and kinks. That’s the beauty of the new HTML5 games that are coming on our platform. On top of the graphics and the great gameplay, these new games are also available across all of your devices. You can play the games on your computer and on your mobile, no matter what operating system you use. As long as your device can run an up-to-date browser, you will be able to play the games with no issues. We even tested them on multiple devices to make sure of it.

Live So Many Stories In Different Gameplay Experiences

The collection of our site is diverse in both the kinks and fantasies you can enjoy and in the way you will play them. When it comes to the stories, we have so many adventures. We come with some boyfriend experience games in which you will get to enjoy the life as a young gay man in a loving relationship, a married man who has an active sex life with his husband and many friends, and even sugar daddy arrangements can be experienced through our games.

Another type of game that’s popular on our platform is the gay dating simulator. You will get to create avatars and then take them out on the map where you will look for lovers and potential boyfriends. You can even live polyamorous adventures and handle multiple partners at the same time, with all the drama that’s involved by it.

But the most immersive stories on our site will come from the text-based games that we offer. These games will feel like graphic novels in the most part, with two exceptions. You get to make decisions at key points in the action and you also get to gameplay the sex scenes. But these are the most detailed stories, and you will feel exactly what the main character of the erotica novel that you gameplay will feel, because you get so many details from inside their head. However, just reading about these games can’t give you a clear idea of what’s waiting for you. You will need to actually play them, and you can do that right now.

No Restrictions, No Strings Attached

Paris Gay Games is one of the few porn gaming sites to truly offer a gameplay experience with no restrictions and no strings attached. Everything you see here is coming to you for free and even though we have some ads on the site, you won’t even notice them. The only restriction, if we can call it that, is the age related one. You will need to be 18 or over in order to play these games. Once you confirm your age, all the content of our site will be yours for unlimited enjoyment. We never ask for your personal data on this site and the servers are offering end to end encryption. Even the comment sections of each game are open to the public. Our world of gay romance stories is welcoming everyone. Enjoy yourself!

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